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Bad Credit Auto Loan

Bad Credit Auto Loans

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At Lara's Trucks we understand that not all of our customers in and around Buford, Sandy Springs, Roswell, and Johns Creek have perfect credit. In fact over the course of the past few years it seems as though the number of buyers with less than stellar credit has risen significantly. At Lara's we are proud to have the ability and the resources to help you get the loan you need for your next top quality used car at affordable rates.

You Have Options

It?s important to understand right up front that no matter what your credit history looks like or what your credit score happens to be, you have a number of options. This is because at Lara's Trucks we understand that even those who have bad credit need a reliable vehicle they can drive on a daily basis for work and family. This includes our having access to a large selection of local and national lenders who are willing and able to work with our customers who are looking for bad credit auto loans.

Things You Can Do to Improve Your Odds of Securing Bad Credit Auto Loans

While we have access to a number of lenders who offer bad credit auto loans, there are three very important things you can do that will not only help you get the loan you need, but also at the best possible rates.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

The Size of Your Down Payment

While saving money can be challenging for many people, having access to a decent sized down payment is going to make a sizeable impression on our lenders. Having a down payment tends to make lenders view you as a more responsible and reliable buyer. Even as much as a few hundred dollars can be the make or break difference when your loan application is set in front of our team of lenders. The more money you have to put down, the more like the lenders are to offer you a more favorable interest rate on the loan you need for one of our top quality used vehicles.

Make Use of a Cosigner

While you may not have the credit to secure an affordable loan on your own due to bad credit, auto loans can still be offered to you if you have a co-signer. Try talking to members of your family or perhaps a good friend who has good credit to see if they are willing to act as a cosigner on your bad credit auto loan. Find someone who truly understands that while you may not have the best credit, you are responsible enough to continue making your loan payments and has good enough credit to help you secure the loan.

Consider Your Terms

Another way to improve your chances of securing affordable bad credit auto loans is consider extending the length of your loan. Bear in mind that lenders look at things like your income vs. your outgo including things like rent/house payments, utility bills, monthly expenses, and other bills when deciding whether to offer a loan. If you are willing to take out a 48 month loan instead of one for 36 months, the lower payments may help you secure the loan you need. Some lenders are now offering loans for up to 84 months as way to keep your payments affordable.

Start Your Application Today

One more way Lara's Trucks helps our customers in and around Buford, Sandy Springs, Roswell, and Johns Creek get the loan they need is by offering an online finance application. You can fill this application out in the comfort of your home or office and our lenders will go to work locating the best lender to fit your needs, your budget, and your credit. Come on in and take a look at our huge inventory of top quality used cars, trucks, crossovers, SUVs, and more, then drive home in the vehicle you need or want today!

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